Small bugs with 2.5.1

1 - when you click on the documentation icon (under the settings gears)
we have an empty page: http: //192.168.0.xx: 12101 / docs /
with this error:
NotFound: NotFound (404)
2 - ditto if you click on the version number to the right of the Rhasspy logo
3 - In the “Dialogue managment” page, if you click on documentation, you get an empty page with the error:
FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/ usr / lib / rhasspy / share / rhasspy / web / docs / services’
4 - if we access the API page we have the logo api but a page with the error:
TemplateNotFound: doc.html

I already reported the missing documentation on the github and it is fixed in the newest docker image (2.5.4), might be fixed in 2.5.3 also but I skipped that version. I didn’t check the api link but the rest of the documentation is in so I guess that is in there, too


I don’t use Docker, where can I find version 2.5.4 virtual machine installable ?