Slot_programs not running

Not sure what I’m missing. I’ve followed the instructions in the docs to create a slot_program “entities”. I created the slot_programs directory in profiles/en and then the hass/ directory. The script is in profiles/en/slot_programs/hass/entities and it is marked executable. I have a slot named hass/entities. I can run the script and it outputs as expected. The sentences file has the following:

light_name = $hass/entities
light_state = (on | off) {state}

Rhasspy won’t run it during training though. I see it read the slot hass/entities but not execute the script.

Where did I go wrong?

Answered my own question. Maybe I missed it, or maybe it didn’t penetrate, but, If using a slot_program, make sure there is no slot of the same name. Rhasspy will default to the slot.