Simple intent/skill launcher

Hi everybody,

after you have specified your sentences/slots/words you speak a command. If everything works Rhasspy will recognize the correct intent - but then?

I am using my own home automation software. For voice commands that have nothing to do with controlling devices, but are just simple isolated tasks I was looking for a simple way to execute those, e.g. just run a command line script.

That’s why I wrote my RhasspyIntentLauncher. You may download it from here:

It’s basically a daemon that’ll listen for recognized intents over MQTT. When one arrives it’ll look in a specified directory if there just happens to be a script by the name of the intent. It’ll then execute it and either manage speaking the text response to the satellite where the request came from or play a sound file based on the script’s return code.

What type of script you put in that directory is your business - as long as the file is executable. So shell script, python, you name it.

If you’re using it I’d appreciate feedback. It probably still has errors and I’d like to fix them.

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After never having worked with a source code repository before I’ve finally set up one. The source code can now be found in my repository: