Shutting the hardware down

Is there a way to shut the Pi down from the front-end or is ssh the only way??

I have a RasPi4 running Home Assistant OS headless (no screen or keyboard attached).

Using the web interface on port 8123, from the left-hand menu select Supervisor, which displays your Dashboard with running Add-ons.
Select [System] tab at the top of the page. This gives panels for “Core”, “Supervisor” and “Host”, with buttons at the bottom of each panel for restart / reload / reboot … and [Shutdown host].

Note that it takes at least a minute for HA on RasPi4 to shut down gracefully, loooooong after your browser reports “connection lost”. I found that without a screen attached it seems even longer. Wait a while after the green activity LED has stopped flashing before turning the power off.

on the latest version 2.5.10 on the main web interface page there is an On / Off button at the top quite to the right of the red Restart button which gives two choices:
Stop and Reboot


Its optional - it only shows up on systems that have Sudo available - i’m in docker and there is no Sudo command :frowning:

You still have a very simple solution: a script that starts at boot: a skill that analyzes the MQTT intents and you create two intents:
1 system reboot
2 restart system
and voila … you ask him
like in this post: