Shutdown Rhasspy Server and Raspberry Pi via WebUI

Since I started working on a Rhasspy Voice Assistant, I wondered if there is a way to shutdown the Rhasspy server and the Raspberry Pi running it via Rhasspy WebUI.

I am running Rhasspy 2.5.0-pre in a docker container on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Raspbian Buster.
At the moment, everytime I stop working on my project, I connect to the Pi via SSH and send a “shutdown” command. I thought, there could be an easier and smoother way to shut everything down. If so, can anyone please explain, because I cannot find it?

This question is still open and I did not get an answer yet. I am currently using Rhasspy 2.5.8 and I am still shutting the Pi down via SSH although it only runs Rhasspy.

@synesthesiam Did I oversee a feature like this and if not, do you think this feature would be nice to have? I would really like to control the “host” on all the Pis only running Rhasspy via WebUI of Rhasspy.

You could build a little nodered dashboard for this. I actually have an admin one on all my machines that doesn’t only allow shutdown and reboot but also shows me cpu and ram stats including the temp and cpu load over time.

Thanks for answering, @JGKK :slight_smile:

I never used nodered, but should definitely take a look at it. Would you consider posting your solution for this topic in a “Show Us” thread so everyone using nodered could have an advantage of it?

Nonetheless I would love to be able to shut the Pi down with the WebUI, because I am still experimenting with Rhasspy and it seems to me like not everyone uses nodered to automize their homes. Would it be possible to add a “Host” window to the WebUI showing some data of the Pi and having a “Reboot Host” and “Shutdown Host” button kind of like the way it is realized in Homeassistant?

This isn’t present in Rhasspy, but it would be pretty easy to add and nice to have. I’ve opened an issue for it here:

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Nice. Thank you very much :slight_smile: