Set a variable / placeholder in sentences

sorry, I´m to stupid!

How can I set a variable in my sentences.ini?

For example:
open directory * on system (pi | game-pc | mediacenter) (* for the spoken directory)

Hope someone can unterstand what I mean and give my brain a little push! :wink:


There are several ways to do this. Either you specify directly the alternatives with ( option 1 | option 2)
Or you first define a rule amd refer to that rule. or you create a slot list and refer to that list.

This helped me a lot:

If you actually want the variable to be undefined (anyrhing you may ever say) then this seems currently not supported without some hacks.

I know that video and all the functions in it, but that not what I need.
I think there are many cases where I dont can make a list, because I don´t know in front the variables.
If I want to search something in the internet or get the definition of a word from wiki, I can´t make a list in front.

For my this is a big issue, because I want to bild a machine that can react on the most things you say, also if there is no rule.
Therefor it is a Problem, that Rhasspy trie to unterstand a sentences and not only give out, what was spoken.

I hope you understand what i mean. Not so easy to describe, in english, for me. :wink:
Every tip for that is welcome! :slight_smile:

Rhasspy can only transcribe the words that are in your dataset (intents, slots).

If you enable “open transcription”, it’ll be able to recognize most common words (at the cost of CPU usage and increased transcription time due to the huge language model involve).

For arbitrary words (like folder names, music artists, places, etc.), you’ll have to fetch a list of values to fill a slot using “Slot programs”:

There is no alternatives that I know of at the moment (Even Google/Aws will struggle with artists names below a popularity threshold).