Server / Satellite Setup?

I’m getting ready to setup Rhasspy in my house and I am going to use the Server / Satellite setup as I would like to have Rhasspy in multiple locations around my house and I have a Pi Zero with a ReSpeaker 2 hat sitting around doing nothing.

I had Snips setup running on it’s own VM and I was thinking I’d re-use this VM for Rhasspy.
I have another VM setup that runs all my other apps using docker.

Am I being foolish setting up Rhasspy on a seperate VM?
Do I use Docker on my Pi Zero? It seems like extra overhead but I really like the ease of upgrades in Docker…

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

H rlongfield,
docker on Pi-zero works. Its easy to install and to use. I used it in silent rooms with ReSpeaker2. You can find a nice case for it here.
Near Television I prefer RP3 with Jabra4 MIC.
Now I try RP3-A+, which is a little bit more expensive but with 4 cores.