Satellite: UDP Audio for Wakeword not working


I have this configuration: “SATURN” (Master), “PI” (Satellite).
When I stream the whole audio stream from Satellite to Master, everything is working fine. Now I would like to send the UDP Audio stream for the wakeword to the Satellite itself.

I tried multiple things on Audio Recording page:

  • localhost
  • Sometimes with Output siteID, sometimes without…

And I tried multiple things ons Wake Word page:

  • localhost:12202:PI
  • localhost:12202
  • Sometimes with Satellite siteID, sometimes without…

I checked inside of the docker container: I can see both… the listening UDP port, and I made a TCP dump, I can also see the sending UDP stream.

But I never get a positive indication, that my wake word is recognized :frowning:

Are you sure you added 12202 as udp port to your docker container?

Maybe the wiki of how to setup the (my) app helps you with your issue

No I did not. Why is that important? It is internal localhost connection, isn’t it?
Exposing the port should only be important, when incoming stream from outside is intended.

Actually i am not sure i just would suggest you to try.

Hello again, some more info:
I installed now natively to kick out docker as possible root cause → did not help.
I figured out, that with other wakewords, it is workig (e.g. Raven with recorded audio).
But I would like to use “Porcupine” with wakeword “snowboy_linux.ppn” as I had best experience with it.

Any ideas, why localhost UDP audio is not working?

I suspect the image you attached in your first post is now well out-of-date, as I think it has several problems. Most importantly you only need the UDP port number … it doesn’t matter which port number you use, as long as it’s the same in Audio Recording and Wake Word sections.

Looking at one of my satellites i have:


  • I have used arecord and PyAudio with same parameters. From memory i tried a few Wake Word keyword files, and some didn’t seem to work for me - so went back to what worked best.
  • Audio recording > Output siteId needs to be filled in on each satellite (so the Master knows where the audio stream came from and where to send any response). The “Satellite ids” fields are used only on the Master machine (to know which satellites to listen to).

Thank you vor your Input. I meanwhile figured out, that it is just a problem, if I choose “Porcuepine → Snowboy” als Wakeword. I switched now to “Snowboy → Snowboy”, and now the localhost UDP Audio is working… strange.