Satellite-Base (shared) MQTT sequence diagram

I’m new here and to Rhasspy so right now just trying to understand its workings in more detail before diving into implementation. In due course I want to run a Rhasspy server as Base with multiple audio in/out devices (satellites) elsewhere around the home. Interestingly, the snips documentation works through a very similar example here . It has the Base in the living room and satellite in the kitchen.

I’ve been reading the Rhasspy docs and trying to form a picture of the process flows between the satellite and base. However, it’s not always clear which side publishes which messages so I’ve worked through the snips example and sketched a sequence diagram. I’ve ‘shorthanded’ the message names but I’m sure you’ll get the gist. If someone in the know could confirm the sequence flow is correct or not, that would be great!

Many thanks!