Running as a Service


I use Python Virtual Environment on Rasbian(PI 2). Everything is ok (Kaldi fr is quite slow but acceptable).
By following the doc recommendation
When I use

systemctl --user start rhasspy

Rhasspy is working as a service (web ok, intend ok) but wake word (Snowboy) doesn’t work.

Then if I try this

systemctl --user enable --now rhasspy

the result is

Created symlink /home/pi/.config/systemd/user/ → /home/pi/.config/systemd/user/rhasspy.service.

The service doesn’t start after reboot (No web)
On the other hand

systemctl list-unit-files

doesn’t show rhasspy as a service in the list

Could you help to diag please?

Answer over there :
Big thanks to french jeedom community @KiboOst