RTX Voice with Rhasspy?

There is a python script on github that takes a wav file and runs the RTX voice filtering on the wav, and then outputs a clean noise-free .wav file.

That got me thinking. Maybe this method could be used to filter out noise from a microphone using MQTT to send the mic audio, or maybe some other way? I would love if someone could try to make this work with Rhasspy.

Lets say I got a PC with a GTX or RTX graphics card. Maybe someone could make a script thats sends the mic audio from a Raspberry pi to the RTX/GTX PC, and then let the PC filter out noise and send the clean mic audio to a Rhasspy server? That would be really nice. This way we can play music and get clean filtered noise-free voice from the microphone.

Yeah RTX voice is amazing but actually only works really well on there RTX cards that have inference cores that is also part of there DLSS rendering.

Facebook also have a https://github.com/facebookresearch/denoiser which also needs considerable acceleration and generally your looking at a GTX1080 or above and with the current market for many the $ is just bat shit crazy.
1050ti/1060 don’t run it well supposedly 1080 does but all reviews I have seen use a RTX card.

A centralised GPU/accelerated based shared system is likely the way to go as most research now is looking at RTX style single mic processing for med to high end phones.