Round case for Rhasspy Dot with Pi Zero and Respeaker 2 Hat


im in the process of replacing old Dots by a big worldwide shopping company :wink: with Rhasspy.

So i’ve created a case for replacing a V2 Dot by Rhassphy. It fits in the old holes.
Linkt to dot on Thingiverse

Have fun with.

Greetings Andreas

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Second photo (New user only one photo per post)

Third photo

The Speakers i used are these:

Greetings Andreas

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Nice to see more case options :+1:t2:

I changed to those too although i use a pi 3a+ as the zero w is unfortunately not fast enough for precise as a wakeword.

There was the orbital case for Pi but doesn’t seem to sell anymore and there are puck cases but seems a US product.

There is always my S-Pipe design that prob is more flexible and cheaper than the rest as DIY and with a bit of care and cheating with vinyl the finish is better.


plan for this case was to replace an Ama*** Ec* Dot V2. Your case is to big for this need. My case is as small as possible with speaker and mic.

Mi Hope is, to see porcupine 1.9 in the next release.

Greetings from Germany


Your just never satisfied :joy: A lot of the finish is depending on the resolution and quality of the printer beeing used.
I actually quite like the finish of a pla that is printed at a fairly high resolution.
And it definitely allows for any design you would want.
In this case the op @Sturi2011 had the special requirement for his case to exactly fit the footprint of an echo dot.
And i think he did a great job with that.


By the way - the case is fresh printed. No sanding or finishing. Photos of case with smooth finishing will follow in the next days - if time and wife allows😬

Greetings Andreas

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Probably not as looked possibly getting a printer but its not just the upfront costs to create heavyweight good dense enclosures the cost of the PLA is actually expensive and is hydroscopic and gets brittle over time.

But always struck me as strange that there isn’t a decent puck case for the pi @ decent price and I have looked as I have researched printers.

As for others I always try and post what is available and what is not, what it does and what it does not.
We just have different design criteria and the finish isn’t that important but for me the density of an audio enclosure is.

When I am building & meddling I am always trying to aim for something that either costs less, is something unique and generally beats commercial products.

Even then I would still say it would be great if it was a Pi3 as the stuttering would stop @ higherRes.
I think there are problems with gadget mode of the Pi3A and it will be awesome if a Pi4a comes out as they seem to be heading that way.

Or great projects such as Magic Mirror as they can look and work fantastic.

So no I am never satisfied as I am always looking for cheaper, better more functional alternatives to commercial product and reducing waste and unessacary consumption.
Often creating waste and unnessacary consumption by trying and discussing the merits and pitfalls of alternatives. :slight_smile:

If a Pi4A+ comes out even maybe Pi4-2gb as that Boya mic I tested recently would be a great partner for the high quality USB Pi Cam.
As for 3D printing I am thinking of getting one as they are really great for creating bezels and covers for cut-outs in other engineering materials.
The filament cost before a whole rake of other problems puts me off, but waiting to see how a few things pan out in the new year as I don’t just build or contribute for the sake of it and that is just how I am.

Well the op had a very specific use case which was a case that would work in his current holders for echo dots, had a small speaker, button, leds.
Thats what I like about 3d printed cases that they can actually look less diy and allow for easily reproducible and shareble designs that can be quite sophisticated in their feature set and fill niche needs that would not be satisfied by commercial products.
Somebody who has the same usecase doesn’t have to design something or even build but can just order the design on sites like treatstock so they don’t even need to own a 3d printer themselves.
A case like that would probably cost less than 10€ if ordered on .