Rhasspy won't train after word has been removed

Hello. Please any help here.

I got the message from rhasspy about confirming a new word. I tried to modify it as I thought it would sound. After it, it would never train. I thought that if I deleted the word it would suggest the pronunciation again. Nope. Of course I can’t remember how it suggested it to be pronounced and I can’t add it anymore. The word is “hora”, spanish for “hour”. When I try to train with the phrase “que hora es” (“what time is it”) I get the following error.

TrainingFailedException: Command ‘[‘bash’, ‘/usr/lib/rhasspy/.venv/lib/kaldi/egs/wsj/s5/utils/prepare_lang.sh’, ‘/profiles/en/kaldi/model/data/local/dict’, ‘’, ‘/profiles/en/kaldi/model/data/local/lang’, ‘/profiles/en/kaldi/model/data/lang’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

Is there a way to fix it besides starting from fresh?

Thank you!