Rhasspy-watch tool for listening and record MQTT message

Hello guys,

When i tested snips, there was a tool named snips-watch. With this tool, we were able to see in human readable text the MQTT message in live.
But, i needed more functionnalities. I needed to record and read all MQTT messages (and audio streaming) to understand why something gone wrong on one of statellite.

So i write a quick and dirty script python to that.

As i’m going to migrate from snips to rhasspy, i quickly updated this tool for rhasspy.

Be carefull, i give it as-is with no guarantee. I’m not a good python developper. But if this tool can help someone, why not :slight_smile:

If you’re french, i did a blog article for beginners.

Thanks !



Very cool, thanks for the development of this tool! I have used snips-watch a lot when I was debugging my Snips apps.

I’ll give it a try soon, but I already know that this will come in handy.

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I did some quick tests. MQTT authentication works, and I added TLS support.

I encountered some minor issues in your tool for my base/satellite setup, but I’ll have to spend more time to debug them.

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I merge all your modifications.

Thank you very much !!!


I did some corrections. There were bugs with rhasspy master (not snips). Now, it’s good for snips and rhasspy.


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Hello all,

Some bugs has been solved (with continueSession, customData) and other surprises :slight_smile:

Don’ hesitate to test it !



Thanks a lot. Working very well for me.
With a Docker install of Rhasspy and for newbies like me, use “rhasspy-watch.py --host --port 12183”. You therefore have to add “-p 12183:12183” when running Docker. Guess they are over workaround but that’s working for me.

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