Rhasspy wakes random

Hi Community,

I have one Problem.

I have Setup rhasspy as Server and Satellite, the Satellite does the wakeword and Audio in/Out.

Wakeword is procupine with senivity 0,6

When i say the wakeword IT recognize it good thats okay, but when nothing is Said Sometimes it wakeup and triggers a random intent.


Rpi 3+ with hifiberry dac+
Microphone: ps3eye (Pulseaudio with echo-cancel)

Any idears?

Wakeword systems aren’t perfect, they can be triggered accidentally by similar sounding words - false positives. You could try reducing the sensitivity. Personally I go for 0.3 or lower. This would result in fewer false positives, but it will also reduce the chance of it activating when the wakeword is actually spoken - it’s a balancing act.

Depending on your configuration for Speech to Text, Intent Recognition and Intent Handling, Rhasspy may force a “best matching intent” based on the audio captured. This is a complicated topic. There are a few options to “mitigate”, but mileage may vary.