Rhasspy venv interface


I updtated venv (git pull), still not the lastest interface.
I downloaded latest master, put public folder on my pi, still the same.

No advanced tab
No separate sentence file in sentence tab
Snowbox sensitivity still 0.1 step
No remote option in intent handling

How can we have last interface version ?

Just a dumb question… Did you clear browser cache?

Yes of course
I’m back to docker now, trying to get goof results from intent. I’ve redone my batchtester for rhasspy, will make a new post for some incoherence soon while I got all quite fixed.

For the venv option, the easiest way is to install yarn and run yarn build in the rhasspy root directory after a git pull. This should re-build the dist directory from the src directory.

Cannot figure out how to do “yarn build” i installed yarn as directed but there is no yarn --help build, what am i missing?