[rhasspy-tts-wavenet-hermes] language selection

Hi all,

On the Google Wavenet TTS, the current way to set the language is to enter the code in an input field.
I feel that this is too much freedom, as it can lead to configuration errors.

My idea is to make it either:

  • a dropdown with the languages supported
  • remove it and assume the language used is the same as the chosen profile.

Option 1 gives more flexibility, but I can also imagine that option 2 will be more logical.
With option 2 I can simply list all available voices for that language and chosen gender, to minimise configuration errors

I would like to hear your opinion before making changes.

How about going with option two for the user interface but still have an overwrite for the language in some config file for those that want the extra freedom and think they know what to do?

That way ppl just using it won’t be overwhelmed by choices and in most use cases it is enough but if someone really wants to change the language they still can.

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That sounds like a good option as well :slight_smile: