Rhasspy sounds - wav examples

Hi all!
I’d like to customize rhasspy sounds, so maybe anyone has good wav examples?

Tried several ones from the internet, but it doesn’t work because of rate mismatch :no_mouth:

I asked a friend who uses MacOS to record some AIFF files for me. Ran them through Audacity to clip off the leading and trailing silence, and convert to WAV format. MacOS has several different voices, and I chose ‘Samantha’ (pretty much Siri). Unfortunately, I cannot attach them here. These are the MacOS commands to create the AIFF files:

say -v Samantha 'Ready' -o ready.aiff
say -v Samantha 'Done'  -o done.aiff
say -v Samantha 'Error' -o error.aiff

Then in Audacity, you load one file, use the cursor to select and cut out the leading and trailing silence. Finally, File / Export the remaining file as .WAV and you should be good.


Thank you!
But i thought, maybe someone has “sounds”, not speech :nerd_face:

Get the ones from snips :smirk:


I was thinking the same. But I cannot find the wav-files of snips’-sounds.

Do you have a file path for me?

(I have Snips installed on my Raspberry Pi 4)

Found it!

The files are called:

and are saved in:


If you like star trek:

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Thanks for the tip. For anyone else interested in these, I found them for example in the following GitHub repo:


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I come back this tread, because I tried change wav : Wake WAV, Recorded WAV and Error WAV with above link MyChef for exemple but no sound get out, Have you idea why ?

Can you give us some more info?

  1. Is your sound working otherwise?
  2. What are the logs saying?
  3. Did you check your Audio files if they are corrupted?
  4. How did you configure it? (UI, or replaced)
  5. Did you place them in the correct directory or did you change the path correctly?

Is your sound working otherwise?
What are the logs saying?
Did you check your Audio files if they are corrupted?
It true, i don’t arrive to play with VLC I thought because wrong encode, only work for rhasspy
How did you configure it? (UI, or replaced)
UI, change directory with profile dir
Did you place them in the correct directory or did you change the path correctly?
I change with my profile directory

Have you another wav song it work for you ?

ok maybe try checking if the sounds are in the correct directory… sometimes it can get confusion with relative paths… maybe you can show us the path you changed?
Furthermore it should show in the logs that once it recognises a hotword for example, that the audio file is played… At least when you trigger a hotword…
You can try if the files work directly by going into the directory and run aplay filename.wav

I try aplay filename.wav, the sound is only crackling and aplay command return me :

Unsigned 8 bit, Fréquence 8000 Hz, Mono

that explain why don’t work.

Is your issue resolved now? If so please mark it as solved.
Otherwise feel free to post some further issues you had. :smiley:

My issue is always present, I looking for one example of Wake WAV or what is the specification for create myself a wav ?