Rhasspy slots Tutorial

A rhasspy tutorial called Home Assistant Template Example gives the following code for slots to turn on/off lights in HA:

    "lights": [
        "(living room wall):light.bulb_3",
        "(living room desk):switch.m4",
        "(living room floor):switch.sonoff",
        "(bar lights):switch.maxcio1",
        "(entry wall):light.bulb_4",
        "(guest wall):light.bulb_6",
        "(guest floor):switch.m5",
        "(bedroom wall):light.bulb_5",
        "(bedroom desk):light.bulb_1",
        "(bedroom floor):light.bulb_2"

But Rhasspy 2.5.11 has the slots pages as text files, not JSON. How would I use this example in version 2.5.11? Thanks.

In > 2.5.x slots are set via web interface in a new file.

To get a better overview, just make one slots file for groups of things, like the light example from the tutorial.

In that slots file add

(living room wall):light.bulb_3
(living room desk):switch.m4
(living room floor):switch.sonoff
(bar lights):switch.maxcio1

where the part left of the colon is the text you speak, and the part right of it is what you send to HA aka your entity_id.