Sorry for the intrusion. I’m just done with my home assistant integration with my asterisk (the linux voip solution) server and was searching for something new to integrate.

And i stumbled upon rhasspy. I immediately think of a new asterisk integration.

can i send a recorded a wav file from asterisk to rhasspy with a easy command line option?

It is possible to stream a wav to rhasspy; I just implemented this myself; but it really depends on what your objective/setup is.

For my use case I am setup with mqtt, running on home assistant; and my rhasspy server/clients use that as the communication broker.

To post a wav over mqtt and have rhasspy respond; What I have discovered is to start a dialog with the rhasspy server you first need to post a HotWord detected, wait for the listening event, post your wav, it will then process the wav and post the intent to home assistant (node red in my case) to be processed.

Technically you could build or mimic a portion of this flow manually but if you want to leverage the Rhasspy server as much as possible without duplicating “functionality” I recommend going with the above.