Rhasspy on WSL does not start

I installed wsl 2 with ubuntu 20.04 on win 11 host.
Then I configured and ran a pulse audio server on my windows host and I was able to connect it from wsl system.
The only “strange” thing encounterd was that the file “/etc/asound.conf" was not present on wsl file system and I had to create it manually. However I was able to reproduce sound within wsl system and to record audio as well.
BUT, now I’m not able to start rhasspy (I get connection refused on windows browser).

Do you have any suggestion?

Later I also installed docker desktop enabling support for wsl2 to ubuntu 20.04 but in this case, even if I was able to connect to localhost:12101, I didn’t see audio device from container getting Command ‘[‘aplay’, ‘-q’, ‘-t’, ‘wav’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1. during TTS attempt.

What are the steps you used to install Rhasspy? Are you using the Docker image, or just running directly on WSL2? I’ll try to duplicate your setup.