Rhasspy on Home Assistant, relaying data back to the user with Voice

Hey there, so i have a satellite pi connected to Home assistant and that is connected to my HA on the base station in AWS. My devices are an air particle sensor, fan, humidifier, and air purifiier. Anyways I made some automation for my fan, air purifier, and humidifier to turn on and off with temperature and air particle values in Home assistant. I can turn this automation on and off with my voice in home assistant but I’m wondering if it would be possible to ask Rhasspy if these automation are on or off and for it to tell me so, rather than for me to go and check on home assistant.

I am also wondering if I could ask rhasspy the temperature, or humidity from my esp32 sensor and for it to tell me that as well. Can anyone point me in the right direction on how to do these two things, it would be awesome!

Sure, automations have a state as well. So if you create sentences like “Is my fan automation on?” your intent handler can return that state.

Check the wiki for help on how to get Rhasspy to say something