Rhasspy not yet in production ... too many issues

I am trying since a while to use rhasspy for my home automation (with Jerhasspy)
Rhasspy is installed on a Rpi3 with docker and I using a Jabra 510 for mic and speaker
I tried several options/paarameters but I am not able to have a 100% working solution (even 80% …)
I am using Raven + Kaldi + Fsticuffs in french language.
Raven recognize my voice one in two
I took something like 5 or 10 seconds before Rhasspy stop to listen to me once I finished to speak
The intent recognition sometimes say that : “Intent not recognized for allume la lumière du salon” but if I copy/paste “allume la lumière du salon” in the “recognize” field on the home page on Rhasspy, it works

Any help please ? :slight_smile: any recommended settings ?