Rhasspy not clearly telling complete sensor

Hi everyone, have one that’s been puzzling me for a while. I’d like rhasspy to tell me the time in 12 hour format, and let me know if it is am or pm. I made a simple sensor:

        friendly_name: "Simple Time"
        value_template: >
         {% set t = states('sensor.time') %}
         {{ as_timestamp(now()) | timestamp_custom('%I:%M %p') }}

and it shows the time correctly in HA in the twelve hour format, and show am/pm. However, rhasspy states the hours and minutes when I ask for the time “it is two thirty-three” but the “pm” part seems to get muddled. Is there a way to put a “break” inbetween the digits and the am/pm so it is easier to understand?

Have you tried putting a point or a comma in there? Basically anything that should make you pause when reading should also force a pause, though I didn’t try it myself