Rhasspy Mobile. Recognized command, got proper intent. Nothing happened

I was able to get the Rhasspy Mobile app installed and configured.

If I log in to my Rhasspy server’s webUI, I can type in a request and press Recognize. When I do that, it shows the slots info. Then Node Red successfully processes the request.

When I sent the same request using the Mobile app, the app showed the slots info. That leads me to believe that the Rhasspy server successfully parsed my request. But then NR didn’t process it.

Edit:. Never Mind. I opened my laptop, brought NR and Rhasspy WebUI up in two separate browser windows. When I enter the request on the mobile app, I do see it get processed on the server. For some reason NR is throwing an error from a function that it uses. I’ll have to troubleshoot that separately. It WAS working yesterday. :unamused: