Rhasspy Mobile (GitHub not play store) wake word difficulty

I have the mobile app configured and it successfully tells the server to turn my lights on and off. Yippe - making progress.

Now the whole wake word thing is driving me batty.

I have the phone set to NOT REQUIRE A SCREEN LOCK. This phone will sit on my nightstand to act exclusively as a Rhasspy satellite that happens to have a screen. I’m setting up an HA dashboard for it to display time and a few other key items.

The goal is to say a word and have Rhasspy listen for the appropriate sentence to be processed. Once I have this one working, I plan to place more of them throughout the house.

All the docs I’ve read about Rhasspy wake words seem to require already having a knowledge of them. Feeling very frustrated. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I have the Rhasspy server set to use porcupine for wake word. And in the mobile app, I entered the IP address of the Rhasspy server under the wake word settings.