Rhasspy microphone

Hi all,

I´m experiencing with Rhasspy since a few days and everything works fine so far.
Now I´m looking for a microphone and I´m thinking about the following products:

  • Seeed ReSpeaker Core v2.0
  • Matrix Voice ESP32

If I understand everything correctly, I need an additional Raspberry Pi for the Rhasspy software, when I´m using the Matrix Voice ESP32 microphone.
I have to send the voice commands from the ESP32 to the Raspberry/Rhasspy via MQTT using the following repository:

Now my question:
Do I need an additional Raspberry PI too, when I´m using the Respeaker Core v2.0?
Is it possible to install Rhasspy to the underlying Debian-based Linux?
Does anybody run this setting successfully? I couldn´t find much hits with the forum search according to the ReSpeaker Core v2.0.

I´m thankful for every hint!
Best regards!

Yes for the Matrix Voice you would need an extra Raspberry PI (or in theory any other computer/VM capable of running Rhasspy but to initially flash the ESP32 on the Voice you need a PI anyway ).

I don’t know if you can run Rhasspy on the Respeaker Core 2. It could work but will not run very fast. Mabye as a satellite and running another Rhasspy on a another server?

I also looked into the Matrix Voice ESP32. I liked the idea of it being standalone and small at the place of recording. But in the end I decided to start more simple but more powerful for my first tests and went with a ReSpeak 2-Mics Pi HAT and a Pi. Maybe I will get an Matrix Voice ESP32 as an addon for another room later.