Rhasspy lost its voice

Hi everyone,
I tried to find a related post to my problem but i wasn’t lucky so i decided to start a new one.
I am using a Respeaker 4-Mic Array on a Raspberry Pi 3. After troubleshooting the Respeaker installation and everything i got Rhasspy to talk with me, my Openhab instance and everything was a pure pleasure.
Now when I ask Rhasspy someting, the intent gets recognize, but insted of a voice talking to me i get an errormessage in the gui saying

TtsException: [Errno 2] No usable temporary directory found in ['/tmp', '/var/tmp', '/usr/tmp', '/']

Could someone please lead me to a solution?

I was on rhasspy 2.5.11 had the Problem.
Downgraded to 2.5.9 Problem solved for a short time
Now back to 2.5.11 still have the same Problem

Thanks to anyone reading this and gratitude to anybody with a solution.

is there nobody out there with the slightes of idea?

Seems either a permission or a disk full issue.

As it was working before I suspect the temp directory is full. Or as you are using an Raspberry Pi probably with an SD card, check if the card is still writable, they have a tendency to break down after a while

Thank you esdeboer for your Hint. You are correct the Disk was full. However, I left out a few details and found a few things to resolve the Problem.
I will explain what I did so that others who might have this problem can solve it aswell.
First of all my setup ist a Base and Satellite usage. The Base (a Thinclient) does all the Work. The Satelite (the Raspberry Pi 3B) just takes the WakeWord, and the AudioStreams. And that ist where my Problem started. The Errormessage was shown to me on the WebGui of the Satelite, so in my opinion it was a problem with the Satelite. I have now found out that the Base was having a Problem with the Full Disk.
So my solution was to give the Base a bigger Harddrive and reinstall everything. I could have just freed some Space on the Base, but i had other reasons to redo the whole System.
Main Point in this Story is, even if the Error Messages are seen on the Satelite, it is always best du check on the Base.
Thank you everyone for your Help

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