Rhasspy fills up my raspberry memory until saturation

I’ve just intalled Rhasspy on a fresh Buster on my RPI4B following this tutorial : https://youtu.be/o6Tt-5D_uC4
When I use select Alsa for microphone input, my raspberry memory fills up slowly until full and then I can’t do anything else than hard reboot it.
After reboot, it still fills up slowly the RAM (approximatively 1 min before full). But before it, I change microphone to “PyAudio” default, and then wake word works and the memory no more fills up until saturation.
So I solved my problem, but did someone have the same problem in this configuration?
(I use a ps3 camera microphone)

i also had the problem when selecting arecord for microphone input with the docker version of rhasspy. (Pi4 respeaker-2mic-hat)