Rhasspy does not recognize headset

I have Rhasspy installed on my RasPi4B running HAOS. I have a usb headset (microphone and speakers) attached to one of the RasPi4B’s USB ports.

Rhasspy will not recogize the headset.

I went to the HTTP Test API and used the test microphone option. Following is the response:

  "0": "pulse",
  "1": "default*"

Following is the results of the Get Speakers API

  "jack": "JACK Audio Connection Kit",
  "null": "Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero samples (capture)*",
  "pulse": "PulseAudio Sound Server"

Edit to ask: do I even need a microphone and speaker on the server? I ultimately want to run satellites to send voice data to the server for processing. Should I move on to getting it integrated with HA?