Rhasspy and calendar events

I’m fairly new in using Rhasspy, but following from the first thread in the HomeAssistantCommunityBoard. :smiley: So not a total noob, I hope.

My question is in regard to calendar entries and to-do’s. Is there any way to create a calendar entry via Rhasspy? I’m using HomeAssistant as my intent handler, so I’d need something there to create that. Unfortunately HA uses the python-caldav library, but does only implement the fetching of entries from a calendar. The library itself could do that easily, as well as some other cool stuff, but nothing is implemented in HA for that…

Does anybody have a soultion for that? How do you do these things like “Rhasspy, add an event on Monday 2pm” or “add something to my to do list”.

Or is this just me wanting such a function?

Thanks for all input! I could do some work on the HA integration, but tbh I don’t have the time, and foremost I don’t want to get involved in another project, just to rewrite the caldav integration to use all the functions, the library offers and therefor could use it in Rhasspy… :joy:

I don’t know about a ready made solution, but if you know the library could do it, then you could write a custom HA addon that has that functionality. I did something similar with the integration for my receiver because I was missing one function that could be done but wasn’t implemented.

Thanks for your answer. Thing is, I was hoping to avoid exactly that. :joy: :joy:

But I think I found a different approach via a command line from HA and “PUT” to the caldav server. If come up with something useful (aka working), I’ll leave an update here for others with the same question. :slight_smile:

If you are willing to use Google Calendar, this integration should be able to add events

Thanks @romkabouter , that’s where I stumbled upon the idea, but Google is not an option. It took me a long time to get rid of Google (besides some Playstore crap), but I’m very happy now with my local setup of Nextcloud, HomeAssistant and Rhasspy. :slight_smile: I like my privacy. :rofl: :rofl: