Rhasspy 3 with Piper/Whisper over Wyoming?

I’m new to the HA world, but have given myself a mission to replace the Alexa devices in the house with something have more control over.

I currently have a Pi4 running HAOS, and Piper and Whisper running in containers on my NAS (which happens to also be a giant bucket of x86 cores). Voice is working fine with an Atom Echo running ESPHome, but I’d like to migrate to Rhasspy with a couple of satellites so I get wakeword detection. I have the Rhasspy3 addon installed, and can get a satellite pointed at it (and wakeword detection is working), but I’m a bit lost as to how to configure Rhasspy3 to use the Wyoming servers for TTS and STT.

Could someone point me at a config snippet (or doc that I’ve missed) that shows how to do this?

Many thanks!

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