Rhasspy 2.5 with nix

I packaged up rhasspy 2.5 for the nix package manager here. This allows to use rhasspy without docker on NixOS or other Linux distributions.


Since discourse does not let me post more links into one post here is the rest:

In theory it would also run on macOS but I have not tested that yet and rhasspy itself
also has components like the microphone/speaker that are not portable to macOS.
In case you are using NUR you can get it via nur.repos.mic92.pkgs.rhasspy.
If not you can also just do the following:

$ git clone git@github.com/Mic92/nur-packages 
$ nix-build -A rhasspy

Note that at the moment of writing we still depend on nixpkgs master because there was still an openfst version bump missing in nixpkgs-unstable.

This is great! Thanks for the awesome work!

I just needed to override lapack, openfst and blas from unstable (I am on 20.03).

We also work on mozilla’s TTS: https://github.com/mweinelt/nixpkgs/commits/tts