Rhasspy 2.5 + HomeAssistant: invalid slotInfo error

Hello, congratulation from rhasspy 2.5!
I pulled latest docker rhasspy-2.5 image.
Actually home-assistant intent handling doens’t work anymore.


   "home_assistant": {
        "access_token": "...",
        "handle_type": "intent",
        "url": ""

My sentences:

accendi ($light){light}

My light slot:

(luce salone):luce_salone

On example “LightOn” intent triggering I have this error home-assistant side:

File “/usr/src/homeassistant/homeassistant/helpers/intent.py”, line 74, in async_handle
raise InvalidSlotInfo(f"Received invalid slot info for {intent_type}") from err
homeassistant.helpers.intent.InvalidSlotInfo: Received invalid slot info for LightOn

The values for the slots are now being sent as a json. so your slot has {kind:’’, value:'actualvalue}. You can just try this by
accendi {light}

in your HA, when accessing the value, use {{light.value}}.

For more info on the JSON object - check the JSON object from UI and logs in Rhasspy