Rhasspy 2.5.9 -

Hello All,
I am running 2.5.9 version of rhasspy and the training function sends me an issue I had not in 2.5.8 :

TrainingFailedException: Command ‘[‘fstcompile’, ‘–isymbols=/profiles/fr/kaldi/model/data/lang/words.txt’, ‘–osymbols=/profiles/fr/kaldi/model/data/lang/words.txt’, ‘–keep_isymbols=false’, ‘–keep_osymbols=false’, ‘/profiles/fr/kaldi/language_model.txt’, ‘/profiles/fr/kaldi/model/data/lang/G.fst’]’ returned non-zero exit status 1.

My configuration is :
FR /

has any body an idea ?
Thank’s in advance.

I have no problem with Kaldi - ARPA.