Rhasppy related - no audio from SqueezeLite


I’m using LMS and SqueezeLite for a few years by now, but lately I changed some hardware and now there is no audio from my player.

LMS is on Intel NUC, version 8.1.1 - 1610364019

Player is on RPI 3B+ with Latest OS
SqueezeLite firmware v1.8
I also have Rhasspy for voice assistance, version 2.5.10

Lately I replaced my 4-mic array microphone and aux connected speaker with Jabra Speak 510.
But now I can hear when Rhasspy speaks, but can’t hear music from SqueezeLite.

When I add:



I can hear music from SqueezeLite, and instead I can not hear when Rhasspy speaks.

I searched on google with no luck.
Would appreciate any help.