RFC on architecture for MIDI piano practice tool for blind/low vision/elderly users.

I’m working on a recording solution for my technophobic father for X-Mas, and just wanted to see if this seems like a reasonable high-level architecture to more experienced people:

(a) midish or arecordmidi (which would be better? Or something else?) continuously records the MIDI output of a digital piano to a compressing file system - I’m thinking BTRFS - say one file per day.

(b) Configure Rhasspy to be able to feed MIDI back to the device via midish, so it gets played, initially in the simplest way possible, e.g. by speaking things like “Play 2020 12 5 at 1 15 pm” and “stop”. (My dad doesn’t have or want internet access, so need to avoid any Speach-To-Text that sends voice offsite for processing.)

© Over time, improve the interface, for instance, to allow the user to give arbitrary names to start points. Perhaps also add the feature of being able to choose between sending the MIDI back to the device and playing via some nicer-in-some-ways instrument via linuxsampler and the appropriate .gig files.

Any thoughts?