Reuse saved profile

So I’m fairly new to coding, started this year. But my brother and I are working on our own personal assistant. Due to audio problems we had to reset the raspberry pi and now I’m having trouble getting the Rhasspy profile back. All it’s file are located at ~/JARVIS/.config/rhasspy/profiles
In profiles there is only “en” where all the sentences and so on are stored.

Now my question is: what docker command do I run to use that profile on Rhasspi again?
I’ve tried:
docker run -p 12101:12101
–restart unless-stopped
–name rhasspy
-v “/home/pi/JARVIS/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles”
–user-profiles /profiles \

But I don’t even know if this is correct, I don’t think so because I can’t access Rhasspy like before
Some help would be greatly appreciated.

Got it, the pathway was wrong. It should’ve been: $HOME/JARVIS/.config/rhasspy/profiles:/profiles

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