Restart with command line

Hi Everybody,

I’m very new with rhasspy, and I’ve install it by docker on an RPI 3B+ with respeaker 2mic hat.

It works so great, gratz! It’s an amazing tool.

I’m now in tweaking it to get better result and less false positive.

I’m directly editing profile.json, as i found it much more easy/reliable than with the web view.

But i haven’t spot how to restart rhasspy server with command line. So i’m connecting to the wen interface only for restarting rhasspy.

is there any command line to do it?

I’ve got the same question for retrain, but the web view is more convenient for it.

Many thanks

with api

Thanks @kookic

I’ve got reference from http://myIp:port/API of my rhasspy server for all HTTP api commands.
I will set up some custom link in my browser.

I suppose I can send cURL to send request

but, is there any command to restart and retrain directly in a terminal ?

That’s just for not switching between terminal and browser.

With rhasspy-cli but I don’t know. In the doc,
If someone could give us a tutorial, it would be cool.

If it’s running in a Docker container, you can simply restart that container.

root@hassio:~# docker restart rhasspy

curl -X POST “http://192.168.X.X:12101/api/restart” -H “accept: text/plain”

Thanks FredTheFrog

That’s where I’ve ended, but it seems rather longer than just restarting Rhasspy, but I haven’t time both process.

Thanks kookic, i will dig that way - to understand the full request - and adapt it to retrain!