Restart recording or extend timeout via MQTT?

I’m using the default settings (Silence Method: VAD, Silence After: 0.5, etc.) Normally those work ok-ish.

Now the speakers I’m using with Rhasspy need an amplifier and I have it set up so that the amplifier is turned on when hermes/hotword/+/detected is received via MQTT.

The amplifier needs about 1.3 seconds to turn on, which leads to two problems:

  • It’s missing the beep. I solved this by setting it up so that if the amplifier was off, after turning it on it will play beep_hi.wav once again.
  • When you hear that (second) beep, you don’t have much time to say your voice command.

So I’d like to know if it is possible, using MQTT, to either just discard and restart the whole recording (probably conveniently also re-playing beep_hi.wav for me) or to extend the silence timeout.