Reconsider mosquitto as a mandatory dependency for deb package?


Would it be possible to move mosquitto dependency from “mandatory” to “recommended” in the deb package ?
Rhasspy can work with an external mosquitto service. It is also the specific design for the satellite :slight_smile:

Even if I install it with dpkg --ignore-depedencies, aptitude in the end always want to fix broken dependencies (and I have not yet found how to force aptitude to make the others packages upgrades without installing mosquitto :slight_smile:)


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If someone wants a workaround :

  • Install rhasspy with dpkg --ignore-depends
  • install the dependencies, excepting mosquitto
  • edit /var/lib/dkpg/status, search for rhasspy and remove mosquitto dependency.

But my request is still valid I think :wink:

This seems reasonable. I’ll move a few others too, like espeak and flite since you can obviously use Rhasspy with a different (or no) TTS.

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Thank you for removing the mosquitto dependency as of 2.5.6 :slight_smile:


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