Reconciling Docker Networking for MQTT vs Localhost Port Acccess

I’m working with a single device install on a Raspberry Pi 4B using the docker installation instructions.

My goal is a fairly simple use using Raven for wake words and MQTT<=>Python for writing skills.

I use the localhost default port connection to access the web interface. However when I go set up the external MQTT, I run into problems of course because of the network separation of the docker image.

The documentation example for simple skills ( Tutorials - Rhasspy ) suggests invoking the docker image using both these switches:

-p 12101:12101 \
    --network host 

…however I understand these to be mutually exclusive. Doesn’t the --network host option basically collapse the separation that allowed the web access on port 12101? (It certainly stops working).

I’ve seen a few suggested hacks / work arounds but not a lot of success.

Is there a good way to access the web interface while running with the --network host option to allow external MQTT usage?