Re-directing Amazon Echo/"Alexa" commands to Rhasspy - via Nabu Casa perhaps?

Hi… I am hoping that someone will have tried this one, and can offer guidance as to the best way of achieving it! I don’t believe it needs development in Rhasspy, but maybe “the best way” might need something changing.

Anyway, I have had Rhasspy set up for a while now, and whilst the commands are working very well with HA, I just cannot get the “wake word” working successfully. I also have the very good android app working, but still no wake word. However the button to force Rhasspy to wake up does work well, and helps!

I recently purchased an Echo to see how that worked, and was pleasantly surprised to find that “Alexa” wakes up to my command consistantly!

This led me to wonder if it is somehow possible to use Alexa to pass commands to Rhasspy? My thought is that I could say “Alexa, tell Rhasspy to…”. And Alexa effectively passes on the instruction to Rhasspy. I know that Alexa an be used with Nabu Casa, and Alexa Home Assistant integration is established, but it strikes me that this would be much richer and possibly better if the Alexa role was simplified and Rhasspy took on all of the interpretation and action!

One way might be to set up Alexa with Nabu Casa (I’ve started reading up on this), but has anyone tried this or another way to use Alexa (and/or Google home perhaps) as additional microphone/speaker interfaces to Rhasspy?

If using Nabu Casa, I think typically what will be needed is for the “Script” (or whatever gets kicked off on Nabu Casa) to send: 1) a wake command to Rhasspy 2) Followed by the command that Alexa passes over. Could this be, would this be better, sent to Rhasspy via an HA script? I.e. Nabu Casa always calls an HA “Rhasspy” specific script with the text of the voice command, which in turn then wakes up Rhasspy and passes over the script.

I’d appreciate any experiences or thoughts people may have… I’d love to get Rhasspy truly “active” by voice wake up, and omni present, and hope an Alexa integration may be a helpful addition.

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Hi there!
This is an old reply.
I wonder, did you ever get this to work?

Hi. I got things to work, but was unable to include Rhasspy. I haven’t looked at Rhasspy for a long time and maybe I should revisit.
Basically what I chose to do was follow advice I found scatterered around. I subscribe to Nabu Casa, and so Nabu Casa can control exposure of my HA devices securely. There is a homeassistant skill on Alexa that can be used to let Alexa know of the devices (it connects to Nabu Casa). So you can turn on and off lights, close blinds etc. using Alexa voice commands, and Alexa will communicate to HA via Nabu Casa.
I also set up a dummy light as an entity in HA to do various things when it was set to varying percentage brightness settings. This works quite well. I can ask Alexa to “close the left blind a bit”, and Alexa sets the dummy light to (say) 26% and HA has an automation that reacts to 26% brightness of the light, which closes the left blind for 10 seconds (which equates to about 2 feet) and then stops, and sets the dummy light back to zero percent brightness.
I hope that helps you.

Cool that you got it working.
I’m using the Alexa Media player integration together with the home assistant skill in Alexa. Haven’t got the scenes working yet but lights, temperature and TV+ ambilight is all good.

Next step for me is making the system work locally with

This is why I asked about re-directing. Would be so much easier if I could re-use the hardware (fire cube) instead of building my own.
I’m not using Nabu Casa btw.

Thanks for answering :slightly_smiling_face: