Raven record troubles

Hi all,

I want to test Raven rhasspy wakword. However, when I click record, I get a blue bar that stays until I recieve a TimeoutError: on the bottom.

Anybody else with this experience? Tried any brother on my system…

Nobody with the same issue or any idea?

what are you settings in rhasspy?

Let me know if you need details from any section. Of course Wake Word is set to Raven when I try to record :slight_smile:

The audio is arecord, does this work ok? As in, can you use Rhasspy with your settings?
If so, I cannot tell why there is a timeout sadly.

With a working mic (and rhasspy), this should work. Is there anything of an error in the logs?


with these settings, my rhasspy is working like a charme. The only troubles I have is that my Pi Zero satellites sometimes seem to “hang” (after being idle for a while, they sometimes need a minute to react for the first detection). But that is another story. I think I will use Pi3s as satellites in the future.

So just for my understanding: When I click record, Raven is supposed to record through the mic attached to rhasspy, not my laptop mic - correct?

Yes, that is correct :slight_smile:

Okay I will give it a try again later, also with other record options. Will update when I have any success (or not).