Raspberry Pi hat WM8960 2 mics + 12 LEDs

I just stumbled upon this on AliExpress:

It might be of interest for someone :grin:



Ordered one just for fun and will report back once it arrives next year sometime :joy::see_no_evil:

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That looks pretty good even the mics are closer together so will a null notch higher up than the bad 2.8khz is you sum.
Speaker is likely crappy but just really easy for an all in one.

I wish with the WM8960 they had left it as a sound cards as the mems are analogues and would of preferred analogue inputs or snapoffs where v,g,o are just jumpers.

I bought one like that.
Sound and micro works. But I can’t handle the led.
I tried hermesledcontrol, but no reaction. Also python with pixel_ring.

Help needed


https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_DotStar at a guess

never looked that hard usually combined but that was aduino only



Hello to all Rhasspy addicts!
Thank you for all the great work that has been done so far. Previously on Snips and now on Rhasspy, I use the 6 mic respeaker from Seeed Studio. The leds work well with the great Hermesledcontrol job. I wake Rhasspy more than 5 meters away, even with the television on. I have a small speaker connected directly to the respeaker board and the sound is ok.

I tried Raspi_Voice_HAT Software. No LED is working.
Did you receive it? Could you manage LED?

Sorry I don’t have much time at the moment.
I received mine a couple of weeks ago and played with it for 15 minutes or so.
Same as for you guys the mic and speaker worked fine with the respeaker driver.
I couldn’t get the leds to work either. I use my own python script that utilizes the apa led module from the respeaker led git repo directly which works for both the 2mic and 4mic pi hats from respeaker but I couldn’t get it to work with the leds here.


The spi is prob bit banged onto a pin and maybe not default but which one is the question.

Its does say # Open SPI port 0, slave device (CS) 1 in the code but time to get upur magnifying glass out and see if you can follow a track from the LEDS to the GPIO.

The Circuit python above can handle either hardware or software SPI.