Raspberry pi + handling of unseen words possible?

Hi all,

does someone have a working and installable setup with a single-board computer (raspberry pi, jetson nano etc) and unseen words handling (rasa, flair)? Rasa and flair are not supported for the raspberry pi…
Thanks in advance!

Hey !

Someone try to run rasa on a raspberry

Good luck


I don’t have a working example, but I’ve wondered if MITIE might be a good alternative to Rasa or Flair on the Pi’s.

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@PlopFlexFun thank you! I’ve tried that before but unsuccessful :confused:

@synesthesiam thank you as well! Sounds good! Maybe someone has already managed to integrate Mitie into Rhasspy?

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@PlopFlexFun I‘ve tried it on a Pi 3b+ but no way. There is even a shell script for installing rasa on github, but it dont seems to work. I‘ve tried it several times, but when i fixed one error, i got a new one.

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Maybe https://rhasspy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/hardware/#raspberry-pi should be updated stating flair and rasa? :slight_smile: