Raspberry pi case for the Matrix Voice and Respeaker 4 Mic Array

I personaly only found 2 printable raspberry pi cases in the internet and did not find any stores who sell raspi cases for the Matrix Voice nor the Respeaker 4mic Array so I decided to print and make my own case and would like to share it with you.

If you like them, you can print them too and use them privately, do not use this case for commercial purposes. You can see them here below and at github under:

and you can see them in action here:

To be able to fit the respeaker into the bigger case you need an small gpio extender. I used the one which was delivered with the Matrix voice. I didnt find the right extender at a store yet, the once I bought at amazon where too small.
There are 2 wholes in the back of the case so one can tack them onto the wall.
I switch the filament while printing so there appears a transparent colored Line in the case. The top cases are printed in colored tranparent filament with different filling settings so the bee honeycombs have different sizes.
For the bigger case there are different 2 versions one for the raspberry pi3 and one for the pi4. These cases have an opening for the usb and lan connections. The smaller one is only for the Respeaker but does not have an opening for the usb and lan connection.
You can of course print them in any colour you like them.

ps my 3d printed is a really cheap ebay bargain and not the best 3d printer there is…


Great! No the only thing I need is a 3D printer

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Hey thanks you for your work.
Do you think is it compatible with rpi + USB respeaker? I am using it and it is a circular microphone too.

And another question: how do you do for audio output? Do you have an internal speaker?

I dont think so, I dont have the usb respeaker so I cant test it. … but doesnt the usb respeaker already has a case
I use the clinc port at the moment and am still fighting with bluetooth