Questions regarding skills

Hi, I am sorry if I am merely displaying horrible search skills, but I have been unable to find out a couple things about Rhasspy:

  1. Can you use it for office assistant type things like sending emails or text messages, dictating memos, setting and receiving calendar entries/alerts, etc.

  2. Is there a skills repository/marketplace anywhere?

Again, I’m not a very good internet searcher so I apologize if these answers are easily obtainable somewhere, but I have at least looked.

Thank you

Hi fpolli,

After writing a reply I have had second thoughts, and now think maybe Rhasspy is not what you are looking for.

I have only been a Rhasspy user about 1 year now, so my understanding can be wrong; but I see Rhasspy as a voice front-end, translating spoken commands into textual intents, which it passes to another package to action. I believe Rhasspy was written specifically to feed into a home automation system - but could be used in other scenarios.

I am not aware of any organised repository/marketplace for Rhasspy. You would need to choose and implement the Office Assistant package which Rhasspy would feed its intents to … leading to the big question “What do you want it to actually do?”. Consider also that with Rhasspy you will need to pre-define all the variations of all the commands (intents) you wish to give.

If I understand your requirement, you are looking for an affordable/open Source alternative to the Dragon Dictation products. I remember 20+ years ago Dragon was considered best office PC voice recognition software for PC; though its results still needed proof-reading. I don’t know what it is like now - but I assume it is better - and more expensive.

Personally I would be reluctant to use Rhasspy for dictating memos, based on it’s insistence that “Porcupine, open the blind” translates to “open the Living room blind to fifty percent” :frowning_face: However I think this is largely due to giving commands from anywhere in the room, using a cheap microphone, and often with background noise. For WAF I really need to fix that before it changes from amusing to annoying :wink:

Thank you for your reply. Food for thought. From my research it seems to me that Rhasspy could be trained or used to develop a virtual executive assistant through writing skills and the JSON output ability. No?

I was just looking at Stanford’s Genie, which looks very promising, although I’d like to replace the Google calls with open source.

You are correct, it probably could be trained. It would take some work, but could be done. I think for the dictation see Wolframalpha and Home Assistant, is it possible? - #2 by Daenara

It’s a discussion on being able to ask unknown things for wolframalpha, could be similar to what you are looking for.