Qnap Container Station and Docker Install Error

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 5.42.36 PM|690x342

usage: Rhasspy [-h] --profile PROFILE [–host HOST] [–port PORT]
[–system-profiles SYSTEM_PROFILES]
[–user-profiles USER_PROFILES] [–set SET SET] [–ssl SSL SSL]
[–log-level LOG_LEVEL]
Rhasspy: error: the following arguments are required: --profile/-p

Has anyone successfully installed on Qnap with Docker? Im getting this error, and i think its due to the install configs within container station. I have a share file set up named ‘rhasspy’ and a folder within it named ‘profiles’

Any help is appreciated.

Additional SS

Additional SS

Add a command-line argument like --profile en for English, --profile fr for French, etc.

Apologies but im not sure how to actually action what you proposed. I cant ssh into the container, and the container wont start. I think i follow what you are saying, but in the case of container station, i need some specific steps to follow using the screenshots i provided to help fix this. I couldnt find any other examples on the web, so im thinking there either isnt a solution to use Qnap and container station, or no one has come across this yet. Ill be happy to write up a tutorial once we figure this out to help the next person that tries Rhasspy on qnap.

Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Qnap. This should be passed when starting the container. My guess is it will go in a field named “Command”.

i have several QNAP at home will test that

here you go… this get’s it started:

  image: rhasspy/rhasspy:2.5.0-pre
  container_name: rhasspy
  restart: unless-stopped
    - /dev/snd:/dev/snd
    - 12101:12101
    - /Profiles:/profiles
  command: --profile fr --user-profiles /profiles

dont forget to change this line to your share’s name:

    - /CHANGEME:/profiles

it should work now :wink:

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OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you so much for getting me started. Ill do my best to repay the community!

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you are welcome :slight_smile:

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