Put rhasspy to a subdirectory in url

I wnat to put rhasspy to /rhasspy. Therefore I use traefik and a routing middleware.
But if I do so in the webinterface the css and js is missing. Is it possible to change the baseurl so it loads it correctly from /rhasspy/css instead of /css
Thanks for hints to fix it.

Try passing `–http-root /new/path’ on the command-line to Rhasspy :slight_smile:

See all of the available options here: https://github.com/rhasspy/rhasspy/blob/master/bin/rhasspy-voltron

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I wanted to achieve a similar thing. But I am running rhasspy in docker using docker compose.
Is there any way to set this http_root variable from docker compose?

Never mind. Figured it out.
We have to pass this option in the “command” property in the compose file like so:

command: --http-root /rhasspy --user-profiles /profiles --profile en
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